Ruby 360 Lodge offers an exceptional food and beverage service to guests. Led by Francy Royer, with more than 40 years of culinary experience her team offers an incredible product that puts Ruby 360 Lodge over the top. Ruby 360 Lodge will work with each individual event to make your food and beverage dreams come true for your special occasion. We are happy to work with each event to create the exact menu that you are looking for, no matter how simple or how complex you desire.

Francy went to art school in Boston in the late 1970’s. Francy moved west and got a job as a pastry chef at Deer Valley Ski Resort in the early 1980’s. Her and her friends took a trip to the Ruby Mountains where she met Joe and the rest is history. She has been here ever since. Francy’s passion for food and customer service has been displayed throughout the Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski food and beverage program for 35+ years.

Ruby 360 Lodge Bar & Beverage Service
All alcohol for events must by provided by Ruby 360 Lodge

Ruby Mountain 360 Lodge is a licensed establishment. The law prohibits the sale or delivery of alcohol to a minor. No one can purchase alcohol for a minor including parent, spouse or legal guardian. Serving alcohol to an intoxicated person is against the law, even if that person is not driving. Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered to any such guest. Ruby 360 Lodge is responsible to monitor potential intoxication of guests to insure their safety. As we all know, drinking and driving is not acceptable.

In addition to the house liquor, wine and beer offered, Ruby 360 Lodge works with our guests to provide special requested beverages. We assist in determining approximate quantities needed to host each event. Ruby 360 Lodge requires any special beverage products to be purchased in full by our guest.