Mexican Buffet
$50 per guest
-Hors d’oeuvres-
-Gourmet assorted salsa bar with guacamole and corn chips
-Mexican shrimp cocktail in a roasted ancho tomato sauce

-Choice of thin sliced carne asada (or) crispy pork carnitas
-Grilled spice rubbed tilapia splashed with fresh lime and tequila
-Ensalada mixta with pickled vegetables and red wine vinaigrette
-Flour and corn tortillas
-Slow cooked pintos cervesas
-Caramelized tomato Spanish rice
-Crumbled Cotija cheese
-Fresh chopped red onion, tomato, cilantro and sliced avocado

-Peanut butter cinnamon galletas with chocolate mole ice cream
-Carrot cake

BBQ Buffet
$55 per guest
-Hors d’oeuvres-
-Gourmet popcorn with brown butter
-Spicy chipotle mixed nuts
-Zesty hummus with toasted pita bread

-Grilled chicken with rye whiskey BBQ sauce
-Hand formed beef (or) turkey burgers with fresh accompaniments and brioche buns

(Choose one)
-Caesar campagna with sun-dried tomato, kale and grilled lemon
-Garden salad with mixed greens, sliced vegetables and a herbed buttermilk dressing
-Ambrosia fruit salad with toasted walnuts

(Choose two)
-Orzo pasta salad
-Mediterranean potato salad
-Sea salted watermelon
-BBQ baked beans
-Char grilled peppers and onions
-Classic Caesar salad
-Seasonal fruit offering

(Choose one)
-New York style cheesecake with fresh berry sauce
-Carrot cake
-Seasonal fruit sorbet

Italian Buffet
$55 per guest
-Hors d’oeuvres-
-Flat breads (chefs choice/seasonal)
-Charcuterie & artisanal cheese offering with accompaniments

(Choose one)
-Mixed greens with shaved parmesan roasted cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts
-Spinach with hard cooked egg, pickled onion, honeyed bacon and sherry vinaigrette
-Arugula caprese with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and burrata
-Caesar campagna with sun-dried tomato, kale and grilled lemon

(Choose one)
-Traditional lasagna
-Vegetable lasagna
-Spaghetti & roasted garlic meatballs
-Chicken & broccoli Alfredo
-Gnocchi with Italian sausage and roasted peppers

(Choose two)
-Summer squash sauté tossed in a basil pesto
-Grilled asparagus with bacon balsamic vinaigrette
-Green bean sauté with roasted garlic and almonds
-Grilled eggplant with roasted pepper aioli
-Blistered peppers with sel gris
-Honey baked winter squash

(Choose one)
-Opera layer cake
-Rustic fruit tart with vanilla bean ice cream
-Carrot cake
-Assorted cookies with cinnamon ice cream

Custom Dinner Buffet
$95 per guest
Please take your time in reviewing the menu options choosing the offered number of dishes from each category.

Plated service is available as well as customized offerings to suit special dietary needs

-Hors d’oeuvres-
(Choose two)
-Grilled rosemary & harrissa lamb pops
-Chipotle shrimp toasts with garlic aioli and cilantro drizzle
-Teriyaki chicken satay with toasted cashew coconut sauce
-Gravlax on a crisp potato smash with lemon dill creme
-Roasted mushroom and arugula flat breads with roasted shallots
-Island style Ahi poke on a toasted sesame nori chip
-Baked zucchini bites with gorgonzola and roasted tomato

(Choose two)
-House made truffled popcorn
-Mixed nuts roasted in a spiced chipotle butter
-Grilled rabbit & rattlesnake sausage with ground mustard and pickled onion
-Gourmet assorted salsa bar with guacamole and corn chips
-Artisan cheese platter with seasonal fruit and condiments
-Prosciutto wrapped grilled asparagus with roasted red pepper
-Vegetable crudités with zesty hummus and roasted baba ghanoush

(Choose one)
-Classic Caesar salad with boquerones
-Mixed greens salad with honey citrus vinaigrette and parmesan toast
-Arugula with crisp apples, shaved red onion and cider vinaigrette
1 -Roasted beet and spinach salad with goat cheese and toasted walnuts

(Choose one)
-Beef tenderloin stuffed with mushroom and leek
-Grilled pork loin stuffed with caramelized onion and bourbon apples
-Seared ribeye steaks with chipotle garlic hotel butter
-lamb shanks braised in spiced red wine with dried fruits
(Choose one)
-Grilled black cod with whipped toasted nori butter
-Pan seared king salmon with umami Java sauce
-Seared sesame crusted ahi tuna with pickled ginger herb salad
-Sautéed garlic shrimp finished in sauvignon blanc butter sauce

(Choose two)
-Wilted greens with braised leeks
-Roasted carrots in a citrus glaze
-Pork belly mac-n-cheese
-Grilled vegetables (chefs choice)
-Cherry tomato caprese with burrata
-Melted leek polenta with sage crisp
-Roasted root vegetables with whole garlic and herbs
-Fresh sweet corn on the cob
-Massaged kale salad with fennel infused faro

(Choose one)
-Assorted dessert bar with rolled chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake squares, coconut caramel cookies and biscotti
-New York style cheesecake with fresh raspberry sauce
-Chocolate snowball cake
-Rustic fruit tart with vanilla bean ice cream
-Carrot cake

Mornings @ 360

-Breakfast Offerings-
The breakfast buffet can be served alone or can be extended with the brunch offerings
Coffee and juice will be offered with teas available upon request

$25 per guest

(Choose 6)
-Mini Breakfast Muffins
-Breakfast quinoa
-Francys Granola
-Fruit & veggie smoothies
-Francys Biscotti
-Vegetable Frittata with shaved parmesan
-Rosmarino French toast with caramelized banana maple syrup
-Quiche with applewood smoked bacon, gruyere and melted leeks
-Over easy eggs and bacon on sourdough toast with avocado and arugula salad
-Home-fries 360 with roasted fingerlings, yams, peppers and red onion
-Buttermilk biscuits with spicy tomato gravy
-Basque style breakfast tortilla
-Maple glazed applewood smoked bacon
-Garlic & sage breakfast sausage patties
-Spanish chorizo links

-Brunch Offerings-
Coffee and juice will be offered with teas, champagne and wines available upon request

All prices are per guest. Customized menus available upon request

-Seasonal fruit with Greek yogurt and house-made granola - $8
-Artisan cheese board with sliced baguette, crackers and accompaniments - $14
-Grilled vegetable antipasto with roasted garlic, burrata and sliced sourdough - $10
-Tuna Nicoise with deviled eggs, roasted fingerling, marinated olives and haricots verts - $12
-Fresh vegetable crudités with a trio of dipping sauces - $8
-Charcuterie board of artisan cured meats with accompaniments - $16
-Salmon gravlax (whole side) served with toasted mini bagels, traditional accompaniments and a lemon dill creme (serves 15-20) - $200
-Bruschetta - $10

(choose 2)
-Caramelized shallot and applewood smoked bacon with a tomato gorgonzola crumble
-Sautéed mushroom with roasted garlic and goat cheese
-Cherry tomato with toasted pine nuts, torn basil and balsamic glaze
-Eggplant caponata with goat cheese, roasted garlic and olive oil
-Honey glazed pork belly with pickled onions and cheddar

-Tea sandwiches- $12
(choose two)
-Sliced roasted beef with arugula and horseradish creme
-Grilled portobello mushroom with aged gruyere and crispy sage
-Roasted turkey with applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onion and chipotle aioli
-Grilled vegetable with mozzarella and a balsamic reduction
-Chopped chicken salad with crisp apples, roasted garlic and a walnut parsley pesto

Snacks @ 360
All prices are per guest. Custom menus available upon request

-Seasonal fruit offering - $8
-Hummus platter with grilled pita bread and fresh vegetables - $10
-Gourmet popcorn with sea salt and brown butter - $3
-Oven roasted mixed nuts tossed in cajun spices - $4
-Charcuterie board with artisan cured meats and cheeses with accompaniments - $16