Ruby 360 Lodge strongly recommends working with our in house event and wedding planner Renee Colby and assistant Amanda Westwood.

Renee is an experienced event planner and has the knowledge and personality to make sure all details are covered on whatever occasion that Ruby 360 Lodge will be hosting.

If wedding parties elect not to use our coordinator services and plan themselves or use an outside planner our event planner’s responsibilities will be limited to the following:

1. Respond to initial guest inquiring type of event information
2. Date of event
3. Number of guests
4. Lodging required and number of rooms
5. Food and Beverage services
6. Send appropriate correspondence information
7. Determine details of event/ party
8. Get appropriate contracts signed
9. Credit Card information/ vendor/ and hold harmless contracts
10. Deposit to book venue
11. Cleaning deposit
12. Greet guests at event and show them to rooms/ the outside event space
13. All correspondence and confirmation of event details with guests and billing of event.
14. Follow up correspondence with guests post event.

Anything beyond these responsibilities, either our in-house wedding and event planner will need to be hired for an additional cost, an outside wedding planner will need to be hired, or the wedding party will need to make their own event plans.

Renee Colby

Name: Renee Colby, Ruby 360 Lodge Event Planner. Owner of I DO Event Planning LLC
From: Colorado
Best part of being a planner/ coordinator:
I was born in Colorado and still love to visit family as often as I can. Growing up I moved to several different states and was even in Canada for three years. In 2003 I moved to Elko, NV and have called this home since. From 2008 to 2012 I lived in Reno, NV and received my Bachelors of Science in Business Management and my Assurance of Learning in Human Resources. Soon after graduation I became a Human Resource Representative for a mining company. I have since moved home and am glad to be back in the Elko area. Although I still love human resources, I have a deeper passion with event planning and coordination. I found myself always volunteering to throw my friends and family parties and decided that I would love to make event planning and coordinating into a career, so that’s just what I have done! I am excited to get to hear your story soon!

The best part of being an event planner is making what would otherwise be a stressful event for a client, into a stress-free event! I love hearing wedding vows, seeing the father of the bride see his daughter in her perfect dress, and being recommended for future events by my clients. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to help you!

What you like about Ruby 360 Lodge:
Ruby 360 Lodge is unique to the area. Out of all of the venues in the area, Ruby 360 is the only venue that offers it all: unconstructed view, lodging for guests, a place for the bride and groom to get ready, cater on site, grass area, indoor area, and a grand piano! Ruby 360 Lodge is a must see for any event. Please let me know if you would like a tour, I’d be happy to show you!

Amanda Westwood

Name: Amanda Westwood
From: Spring Creek, NV
Best part of being a planner/ coordinator:
The best part about being an assistant is to work with our clients' dreams and making it happen. The service we provide for weddings, reunions, parties, business retreats, etc. is an inviting, positive energy. The smiles that appear with our guests reaction is what makes it worth putting all the work into these events.

What you like about Ruby 360 Lodge:
I believe Ruby 360 Lodge is a unique treasure in Lamoille, NV. I love how it gives me the ability to provide a service from my heart. There is nothing better than not only the morning sunrises and evening sunsets, but with the view of the Ruby Mountains is what makes the lodge incredible.