High Yurt

Fall and Summer Yurt Accommodations / Winter Ski Touring Program

The Ruby High Yurt is located at 9,700 feet on the top of Conrad Creek ridge in the Ruby Mountains.

The yurt is fully furnished to cater to our guests. The yurt comfortably sleeps 4 people. There are 2 additional fully insulated weather port structures adjacent to the yurt, which can sleep 3 people each. The yurt and weather ports are powered by Goal Zero solar power offering solar lights and power outlets. The yurt is well stocked with a camp chef propane duel burner stove for cooking, as well as all cooking and kitchen gear. A propane fireplace heats the yurt. Once at the yurt site the scenery and beauty of Conrad and Talbot Creek is overwhelming. Hiking in the summer starts right out the door and skiing in the winter begins as soon as you clip into your skis. Join us this season for an unforgettable backcountry adventure.

What to expect:
$175 + tax per night up to 4 people. $50 additional fee per person per night after 4 people. 2 night minimum.

Helicopter access is available for flights in to the yurt and out of the yurt for an additional fee.

Access may also be possible with a mule team. The mules can carry your provisions.
Please call for availability.

Guests choosing to walk in can expect a 2-4 hour moderate hike from our parking area at 7,000 feet to the yurt location at 9,700 feet.

Guided walk in only with guests to yurt - $75
Guided walk in and out with guest to yurt - $150
All day guide, in and out of yurt and day fee - $300
Helicopter Assist guide- loading and unloading fee- $150 for each loading. ($150 if guests fly in alone, guide will be at yurt to unload them) ($150 next day if guests want to fly out, guide will be needed to load/ unload). 

Supply own food, carry or air lift in.
Guest carries out waste & garbage unless in and out guide fee is paid.

* Catered meals available upon request – menu to be determined
Meals can be prepped & guest can prepare

What to expect:
Join Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski on a mechanized backcountry assist tour. Spend 2 full days ski touring in the remote Ruby Mountains of Nevada with one of our world-class ski guides.

From January 1st until April 1st: $500 per person with a 4-person minimum per night with a 2-night trip minimum.
(2 day minimum = $4,000, divided by 4 people.)

The trip includes:
Lodging at the Yurt (elevation 9,700k)
Transportation into the yurt by helicopter or snow cat
Transportation back to Ruby 360 Lodge by helicopter or snow cat
Guided skiing with a RMH guide for the duration of the trip

Winter Ruby High Yurt rates are based on and limited to a group of 4 guests.

Guests must bring their own food, skis/poles or split board with touring bindings and skins. Guests must also provide their own beacons packs, shovels and probes. Guests must also bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.

* Catered meals available upon request – menu to be determined
Meals will be prepped for guests to prepare.

Additional heli lifts may be available at the option of RMH and cost $800 per lift.

Trip Information:
RMH requests ½ of the total price due prior to your arrival, this amount is non-refundable. The balance is due prior to departure.

We request guests to arrive the day before their departure at the lodge where we will give you the details for departure the following morning. At this time you will fill out any paper work, (Waiver) and go through several orientations. This is a mandatory meeting. You will be transported to the Yurt, ski first day, stay at Yurt a second night, ski the second day and back to RMH base. Before you leave the Yurt each day all your items must be packed and stored, as RMH skiers may be using the Yurt during the day.

Please see attached equipment list. Ski packs should weigh at a maximum 15lbs per person.

At this time:
* Due to hazardous material regulations no type of compressed air is to be transported by the aircraft if you decide to add the aircraft on to your package.

Arriving at the staging area please park your vehicle to the side. We can help with directions if you need them. Please leave the keys in your car. You may want to drive your car to another staging area, to be determined upon your arrival.

Be prepared to ski out.

Transportation into the Yurt
Transportation out of the Yurt
Lodging at the Yurt
Guide fees
Permit fees
Ground transportation

Equipment List for Skiers
20-30L ski touring backpack (due to hazmat regulations no compress air)
Ski tour set up, with boots and skins.
Avalanche safety equipment: Beacon, shovel probe
1.5L-2L of water capacity
Warm Hat
Gloves (warm and thin pair)
Extra warm clothes (puffy jacket)
Sun hat
Lip screen
Lunch and snacks
Sleeping Bag

* Guide will have all group equipment (navigation kit, first aid kit, rescue kit, sat phone, and two-way radio)