Terms and Conditions

1. Wedding Ceremony and Reception Facility fee deposit of $2250 is due within 10 days of making reservation and is not refundable. The remaining $2250 is due 60 days prior to the wedding and is not refundable after that time.

2. For a reception only, a reception facility fee of $1750 is due within 10 days of making reservation and is not refundable. The remaining $1750 is due 60 days prior to the wedding and is not refundable after that time.

3. A $500 refundable cleaning deposit will be charged at the time of booking and will be returned after the event concludes if the venue is left acceptable.

4. Customer credit card must be on file to confirm the reservation. Final settlement & incidentals will be charged to the credit card on file, unless we are provided with cash or check prior to departure from the wedding.

5. Guests are responsible for all damages. Any damage charges will be charged to your credit card on file.

6. Transportation to Ruby 360 Lodge
a. The road is two-wheel drive accessible, steep in sections and graveled. SUVS are a good option. We encourage carpooling as parking is limited.
b. Anytime alcohol is being served, unless a designated driver or a taxi service is used, we suggest our guests consider the use of Coach USA Shuttle Service. Buses will pick up and return guests to a location of their choice. The buses are air conditioned, with restrooms on each bus. The driver is dressed appropriately with a suit and tie. Each bus seats 57 people – Cost is $90 per hour per bus, subject to change. Our Event Coordinator will assist the guest with the organization of shuttle service.
c. The guest is responsible for direct payment to Coach USA Shuttle Service.

7. Ruby 360 Lodge offers seasonal Menu and Beverage options at the guest’s request. Beverage Service must be provided by Ruby 360 Lodge. Outside food providers must be approved by Ruby 360 Lodge.

8. Lodging at Ruby 360 Lodge
a. Maximum of 10 rooms.
b. The bride and groom receive a complimentary room from Ruby 360 Lodge.
c. Maximum 2 guests per room.
d. Cost $250 per room, per night plus 6% Elko County room tax.
e. There is an 11:00 pm curfew for guests not staying at Ruby 360 Lodge, unless arrangements are made with management at $200 per hour after 11:00 pm.

9. All approved vendors must provide Certificate of Insurance, naming Ruby 360 Lodge, LLC and Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Guides, Inc. with minimum coverage of one million dollars.
a. All vendors are required to sign the Vendor Contract and Hold Harmless Agreement and return with the insurance certificate no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

10. If Ruby 360 is providing food, the final food numbers must be confirmed 30 days prior to the event. Food charges will be due at this time.

11. Other than the Facility Fee and Food Charges, 100% of all expected and confirmed charges are due 2 weeks prior to the event.

12. Children: All of us love kids, and they play an important part of any wedding. With that said there are many things around the lodge that could be considered hazards to young children.
a. Including but not limited to, electric fences, barbed wire, creeks, insects, loose rock and boulders, stair ways, heavy equipment, fire pits and an assortment of animals and wildlife.
b. We recommend and request that if you have a child under 10 years old, you should make provisions to monitor them. It is the duty of the individual parents or guardians to monitor these underage youths.

13. Ruby 360 Lodge kitchen is not available to guests or vendors.

14. Ruby 360 Lodge is a non smoking facility.

15. Ruby 360 Lodge inside bathrooms are not available for wedding guests. Porta toilets can be arranged for additional fee.

16. Guests who are not staying at Ruby 360 Lodge are not to enter the building.

17. All Parking rights and vehicle privileges under control of Ruby 360 Lodge.

18. Ruby 360 Lodge reserves the right to remove any guest or individual that is intoxicated or causing any sort of disorderly conduct from the property.

19. The contract signer is responsible for any sort of damages that may be sustained by their guests at Ruby 360 Lodge.

20. In the event or any sort of litigation or arbitration between Ruby 360 Lodge and party, the non-prevailing party must pay all costs, attorney’s fees and expenses of prevailing party.