Our Story

welcome to ruby 360 lodge

47 years perfecting the Ruby Dream

Each winter since 1977 we have been creating memories that will last a lifetime with backcountry helicopter skiing and snowboarding trips in the Ruby Mountains, hosting guests from all over the country for three day and single day all inclusive packages. Now after 47 years, we are expanding our winter service and attention to detail to offer summer three day and single day all inclusive summer packages.

about us

Throughout the years, the Ruby family has earned a reputation as one of North America’s best kept secrets. From guest experience, dining and accommodations to guide expertise and education- our focus is on you to ensure we go above and beyond your expectations.

Ruby 360 Lodge is located at an elevation of 7,000 feet at the base of Conrad Creek in the Ruby Mountains, a 10-minute drive from Lamoille. Construction began in June 2016, and the doors were opened to our first winter guests in January 2017. Ruby 360 Lodge is host to Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing, a backcountry guiding service with a reputation of providing comfortable lodging, memorable culinary experiences, personal attention for each guest and some of the best ski terrain in the United States.

Guests at Ruby 360 Lodge will enjoy stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the Ruby Mountains and Lamoille Valley. The Lodge is a 10,000 square-foot luxury facility, offering an exceptional location for your trip or any event. The Ruby 360 Lodge staff will be working for you, providing service that carefully and professionally attends to each and every detail, creating memories never forgotten.

francy royer

“I look forward to waking up each day, in this incredible place. Being able to be here, putting our passion into a family business for 40+ years has been a dream come true."

I am Francy Royer, thankful to have made choices that eventually landed me in Lamoille, Nevada. I grew up in Upstate New York and ever since I can remember have always had a passion for inspiring others through cooking and putting love into all of the things I put on the menu. My love for food helped me travel across the country in the early 1980’s where I started working as a pastry chef at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah. In 1984, my friends invited me on a ski trip out to the little known Ruby Mountains where I met Joe, who was my guide. 

With our only son Michael, we now operate the oldest family-owned helicopter skiing operation in the country. We have had a dream and vision to develop Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing into a year round operation that includes our luxury lodge, which was completed in January of 2017. We look forward to you joining us and being part of the Ruby Dream, and I am so thrilled to share my lifetime of experience and culinary art with you.

joe royer

“My entire life has been guiding people in the mountains. It’s been a great ride.”

I grew up on the west coast just north of San Francisco. After graduating from high school, I embarked on a life of traveling, surfing in Mexico, working as a logger in Alaska landing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. A skier since the age of two, it was a perfect place to climb and ski.

In 1971-72 I got a job with the Snowbird ski patrol. It was the first year for the ski resort and the education that followed was an education one can’t buy. Doing avalanche mitigation and skiing was a dream that came true. During the summers, skiing in the Southern hemisphere for a few months, then surfing and summer work in the Wasatch Range.  I would travel back and forth from Utah to the west coast and would look out into the ranges of the great basin. Going by Elko, Nevada was always a mile stone on the two-lane road, and looking to the east a terrific Mountain range rose from the desert. The Ruby Mountains.

“There’s got to be some skiing out there.”

With experience from Utah, I began Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing. I settled in the town of Lamoille, in 1977 worked with a series of partners, met my wife Francy in 1984 who turned out to be the best partner of all. Together they purchased the operation in 1986 and operated from a number of different locations.  Michael Royer was born in 1989. Francy, Mike and myself continue to operate one of the premier helicopter skiing services in the world.

As a family, we constructed Ruby 360 Lodge in 2017,  where guiding operations continue, both summer and winter. While continuing to participate as an aging athlete, I join groups in the field as most of the guiding is headed up by Mike Royer.

For the most part it’s never been like working. The best reward is when a guest comes off the mountain, stating “that’s the best day of my life.”

mike royer

"My favorite thing is that no day is the same here. Each day is different and another adventure."

I didn’t realize what a special operation we had here for a while. It wasn’t until I finished high school and moved away to Montana that I appreciated all of the details and understood what a unique and special place and business it is here.

I grew up in the operation, from day one taking out the trash, picking up guests at the airport, washing the helicopter, sitting in on the guide meetings, watching my parents and the guides who I grew to respect as not only employees but as family.

After finishing school at Utah State in 2015 in Logan, Utah, I returned home to Lamoille to jump in on the Ruby 360 Lodge construction project that began in summer 2016 and finished in January 2017. I feel I learned more in the 8 months of construction that I did my entire 5 year college career.

I have continued my guide training, completing avalanche, medical and rescue courses and continue to work to gain knowledge in the guiding and skiing industry.

I feel lucky each day to wake up in this incredibly place that few know exists and put time, effort and passion into something that creates lifelong memories for so many people.

The thing that makes this so special is that those who come here feel the magic of this place and all feel part of the Ruby Family.